Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pawlenty road trip, Part VI

Monday, 8:15 am: Giuliani rally, Minnesota Professional Firefighters headquarters, Saint Louis Park

Jeff Johnson, Mark Kennedy, Rudolph Giuliani at the rally. (c) North Star Liberty.
Our bus rolled up ahead of schedule to an empty front lawn at the Minnesota Professional Firefighters union hall, but before long it was filled with about 200 firefighters, cops, politicians, press, and activists. With former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani scheduled to speak at 9 am, this was obviously the centerpiece event of the road trip.

Sen. Norm Coleman, with Jeff Johnson, Vince Flynn, Mark Kennedy. (c) North Star Liberty.
In attendance were U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota), U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kennedy, Republican attorney general candidate Jeff Johnson, Hennepin County Sheriff candidate Rich Stanek, Act of Treason author Vince Flynn, fellow road warrior Joe Repya, and lots of media, including CNN.

Joe Repya. (c) North Star Liberty.
It was nice to see some familiar SD 43 faces under the cold gray sky at the rally, including former Senator and current Pawlenty Chief of Staff David Gaither, and various members of what I call his 2002 campaign "A-Team" that helped to get him elected.

Tim Pawlenty at the Giuliani rally. (c) North Star Liberty
The founder (or one of them) of the grassroots effort Citizens Campaigning Against Renegade Legislators (CCARL), whom I still know only as Shar in Minneapolis, stopped by to take the Governor to task for signing the Twins stadium bill. She couldn't hide her disappointment at my support of the Governor on the bus trip, given my criticism on this blog of the stadium deal.

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