Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Top Ten Reasons finale: SD 43 precinct caucuses report

David Gaither (Source: North Star Liberty)
The SD 43 Republican Precinct Caucuses took place last night at Wayzata Central Middle School. The school's lunchroom was crowded with activists from Plymouth and Minnetonka, plus many elected officials and campaign representatives.

Former Governor Al Quie was recognized with a standing ovation from the attendees. Rep. Jeff Johnson, (43A), candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, and Rep. Ron Abrams (43B) were recognized. Also recognized were candidates for the SD 43 endorsement for state Senate, Plymouth Mayor Judy Johnson and James Seim.

Plymouth favorite son and former state Senator David Gaither, now chief of staff to Gov. Tim Pawlenty, rallied the assembly with a story about a group of new naturalized citizens, whom he asked, "How many of you plan to attend your precinct caucus?" They all raised their hands.

Gaither also brought along audio greetings from the Governor, which neatly reviewed Republican accomplishments since 2002 and framed the Republican agenda for the 2006 campaigns. You can hear it for yourself at Pawlenty's campaign web site. (You can stream it or download the MP3 for podcasting.)

Caucus attendees also heard greetings from the campaigns of Mark Kennedy for U.S. Senate and Rich Stanek for Hennepin County Sheriff.

After adjourning to the individual precinct rooms, attendees were charged with electing precinct chairpersons and delegates and considering resolutions to the Republican Party platform. Precincts received visits from Johnson (who delivered an enthusiastic kickoff speech for her state Senate campaign), Abrams (who said it's imperative that we reelect Gov. Tim Pawlenty, keep the majority in the House, and take back the majority in the Senate), state Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Eden Prairie), and representatives from other campaigns. This was also an opportunity for anyone to volunteer for a campaign, and plan for the upcoming BPOU, Congressional district, and state conventions, where candidates will be endorsed and platform changes debated.

Resolutions passed by my precinct caucus:
Referendum for local sales tax increases:

Whereas, Minnesota law requires a voter referendum for any local sales tax increase;
Whereas, a special exception to this law has never been granted by the legislature;
Whereas, statewide surveys show 77% and 81% of Minnesota citizens support this referendum requirement;
Now, therefore be it resolved that if any professional sports stadium/ballpark is subsidized by a local sales tax increase, such tax increase shall require a voter referendum, thus being consistent with Minnesota law.

Universal mental health screening:

Whereas: Routine mental health (social & emotional) screening is subjective and inaccurate in children; and
Whereas: Mental health (social & emotional) diagnoses very often reflect simple behavioral issues; and
Whereas: Mental health (social & emotional) labels that result from mental health screening are almost always treated with powerful medications that have serious side effects; and
Whereas: Many children have been seriously harmed or died from the overuse of psychotropic drugs, including children whose parents were forced to use those drugs by the schools.
1. Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose universal mental health screening (sometimes called social and emotional screening) of students in K-12 schools, pre-schools, and in early infancy.
2. Be it further resolved that we oppose social and emotional outcomes being incorporated into the school curricula.

Universal preschool:

Whereas: Claims that half of Minnesota pre-schoolers enter kindergarten not ready to learn are false and based on vague, subjective, and politically correct outcomes; and
Whereas: Taxes required to support universal preschool would force more families into becoming dual earner households; and
Whereas: Universal preschool would financially penalize single wage earner families who choose a full-time parent at home to care for their preschool children; and
Whereas: Current research demonstrates that any beneficial academic effects of preschool programs do not last beyond the third grade,
Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose establishing universal pre-school programs in the state of Minnesota.

International Baccalaureate (IB):

Whereas: IB has formed a partnership with UNESCO, the educational arm of the United Nations, and
Whereas: Both IB and UNESCO promote world citizenship as superior to U.S. citizenship; and
Whereas: IB regards the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as being superior to our own Bill of Rights, and
Whereas: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that education "shall further the activities of the United Nations"; and
Whereas: The role of American public education is not to promote ìthe activities of the United Nations"; and
Whereas: IB student assessments are scored in Geneva, Switzerland -- not in the local classroom, and parents are not allowed to review the assessments; and
Whereas: IB has signed on as partners to the Earth Charter, an international environmental plan promoting legalized abortion, socialized medicine, Pantheism and global governance;
Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose state and federal support of International Baccalaureate (IB) and the adoption of IB by local school districts.

American Heritage:

Whereas: The Preamble of the Minnesota Constitution gives God thanks for our Religious and Civil Liberties; and
Whereas: Religion played a major role in the lives of Americaís founders; the founding of our Nation and state; and
Whereas: Students are losing a knowledge of the importance of religion due to the censorship of our religious heritage and our founders expressions, documents, and proclamations from current curriculum; and
Whereas: The 2005 legislature passed the American Heritage Education Act, which encourages the teaching of, and discourages the censorship of, Americaís religious heritage; and protects teachers from threat of lawsuit should they include original sources supportive of our religious heritage;
Therefore, be it resolved that we support and encourage school districts and teachers to include original sources showing the important role of religion in our Nationís founding while teaching history.

The SD 43 BPOU Republican convention will be held on Saturday, April 22 at Hopkins North Junior High School.

The Third Congressional District Republican convention will be held at the Medina Ballroom on Saturday, May 6.

The state Republican convention will be held in downtown Minneapolis at the Convention Center (June 1-3).


lloydletta said...

Seems like you passed all the Edwatch resolutions. That IB resolution will hurt the candidates if it gets passed at the Senate district.

It was the efforts to get rid of the IB program that catalysed the formation of the Tonka Focus group.

Both President Bush and Governor Pawlenty support IB programs.

Matt said...

As Ronald Reagan observed, once elected, incumbents inevitably slide to the left, as does the party in power. The question facing individual conservatives becomes: do we stand on principle and argue the case, or do we abandon the cause and admit, "We're all Democrats now?" Shall we win the election and lose the war?