Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Charmed, I'm sure

Sitting behind the mic yesterday for Sarah Janecek during afternoon drive time over at 100.3 KTLK-FM, FM News Talk, was the lovely Margaret Martin (pronounced mar-TEEN), widely known here in the blogosphere as David Strom's better half, proprietress of Our House blog, and co-host with Strom of Taxpayers League Live, Saturdays noon-2:00 pm on KTLK-FM.

Martin absolutely charmed liberal co-host Brian Lambert, who calls his regular Lambert and Janecek mate "The Volcano" whenever he begins losing an argument to her strongly-presented case. After grilling Martin for some juicy inside information about the Taxpayers League (to no avail), Lambert discovered their mutual interest in the NCAA basketball tournament and filling out the brackets over at Yahoo! (Janecek has little interest in or patience for sports talk.) Disarmed from his usual paranoid-of-the-conservative-cabal schtick, Lambert stood his ground on the weightier topics of the evening but actually relaxed.

Martin, less well-known than her husband, is nonetheless an informed and articulate commentator. In Our House, mixed in with Strom's posts and posts about gardening, parrots, and life in north Minneapolis, Martin, a political science grad of the University of Michigan, makes some terrific political observations.

This show could only be topped by three hours of: Lambert and Strom!

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