Wednesday, January 04, 2006

KTLK-FM rocks

Still raw and not ready for prime time (cut your mics on the breaks guys), FM talk radio has arrived in the Twin Cities at 100.3, KTLK-FM. During yesterday's afternoon drive time, co-publisher of Politics in Minnesota Sarah Janecek and media critic Brian Lambert conducted a racy, funny, and entertaining interview with, of all people, a former stripper named Diablo Cody, promoting her new book. It was a preview of how "B & S in the Afternoon" (not the final show name) will work together on more serious topics: not unlike an afternoon with the NARN guys, with FM signal quality and a stack of Janecek's workout CDs for bumper music.

Veteran political reporter and midmorning host Pat Kessler is doing a wonderful job this morning deconstructing the botched reporting of the West Virginia mine accident.

KTLK-FM supports its live local talk, plus Rush Limbaugh at midday, with Fox News feeds on the hour and local news, weather, and traffic reporters. It's a fresh spin on the talk radio format. MOB members David Strom and Margaret Martin will migrate their schtick from AM 1280 The Patriot to KTLK-FM on Saturday afternoons. Check it out.

UPDATE: A sharp reader of this blog set me straight on this station's call letters and its full-featured web site, which are cited in this corrected post. Note that it's KTLK-FM, KTLK-AM is another station in another market.


Brent Metzler said...

It's KTLK, at least according to their website

Matt said...

Thanks for the tip, I stand corrected.