Friday, January 20, 2006

Conservatives just want to have fun (again)

The widely-reported Republican malaise is directly related to the party's drifting from its once-energetic conservative base. According to an Associated Press report by Ron Fournier:
Party leaders fear that while conservative voters may become disengaged, liberal voters will be galvanized by their opposition to the Iraq war and their frustration with minority-party status.

"I talk about an enthusiasm deficit, and I think we have a little bit of that," [Republican National Committee member from New Hampshire Tom] Rath said of Republican voters. "They say we need to get our act together. They still love this president. But they want to see movement on the things that brought us to power. We took the government over and promised to fix things."
In Minnesota, disgruntled conservatives may have a voice in the owner of everyone's favorite Stadium Village bar, Stub & Herb's. Sue Jeffers, outspoken opponent of smoking bans, recently announced her candidacy for governor. There is even speculation that she could challenge current governor Tim Pawlenty for the Republican endorsement.

To call Jeffers, who has never run for elected office, a longshot is an understatement, but for now, her nascent anti-smoking ban, pro-property owners platform and Minnesota populist, anti-establishment status has conservatives and libertarians buzzing with the possibilities.

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