Thursday, October 20, 2005

Be true to your school

The Star Tribune has published a voters guide for the November 8 suburban school board elections. The web version allows you to scroll down to your district and click on candidate names for a brief bio and brief comments by the candidate. On the Gold Coast, The Plymouth Sun Sailor and Lakeshore Weekly News are preparing their voter guides as well.

In the Wayzata district, there are five candidates running for three seats. Incumbents Carter Peterson and John Moroz are running for re-election. The remaining candidates are running for the open seat being vacated by Connie Doepke, whose term expires this year:

  • Andrea Boado, attorney, relocated to Minnesota from Chicago in 2002, current member of the district's Citizens Financial Advisory Council (CFAC) so she's already familiar with district finances

  • Susan Droegemueller, longtime district parent, gets my awesome website award (check it out for much more info on why she thinks you should vote for her, it's pretty sophisticated, a lot of legislators could learn a few things here)

  • Audie Tarpley, real estate developer/construction manager, member of CFAC and the district's Legislative Action Committee

Minnetonka School District residents have been hearing about some of its board members having difficulties getting along. A set of proposed new "operating principles" could have the effect of stifling minority dissent, according to board member Bill Wenmark.

In that district, six candidates are vying for three seats: incumbent board chairwoman Erin Adams; and Paul Borowski, MaryLouise Bowe, Pam Langseth, Cathy Maes, and Robert Schmidt. Web sites and endorsements are more common among these candidate profiles than in the Wayzata profiles.

(Incidentally, the political parties look to nonpartisan offices like school boards for future legislative candidates. As Lincoln said, "The philosophy of the school house in this generation is the philosophy of the government in the next generation." Well, this is a political blog.)

We elect school boards to run the schools on our behalf, so we don't have to. Get to know your school board candidates, and vote on November 8.

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